Monday, 27 June 2011

Money can actually buy me a happiness

Hi peeps.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't stop myself from craving a lot of things. And since my Sony Ericsson W705 rosak, I'm craving for gadgets pulak. I want new phone! Blackberry would be nice. Memang Blackberry je dalam kepala sekarang nie sebab tak tahu nak phone apa lagi. Cuz Imma online freak, by using BB I can check my Facebook and Twitter all day long. Iphone pon macam okay kan but touch screen doesn't suit me. Unfortunately, I have to simpan dulu niat nak ber-phone baru. I'm gonna hantar repair my W705 because only a few buttons je pun yang rosak. Hehe. Hopefully it won't cost me so much.

You'll be mine, soon. InsyaAllah :)

And another gadget that I've been craving for is a digital camera. Dah survey and rasanya dah tau nak yang mana. My budget is blow 500bucks. So I guess this Canon PowerShot  A2200 suits with my budget. But know what, ada orang baru je offer nak bagi pinjam camera dia. Huahaha! :D But I still wanna have my own camera. Gonna save up my money from now on! (it's the hardest thing to do). I'm a tourism student, so it's a must lah to have a camera. Well, that's just my theory :P Beautiful and happy moments happens in unexpected time and it might be happen once in a life. Right? Camera helps you to record and capture all the things that happens in your daily life. Pictures last longer, memories last forever! :)

 Please be mine okay?

Hopefully I can own these two gadgets pretty soon. So hard to be me. So hard to be a girl (not a woman yet :p) A part from wanting BB and digital camera, I also wanna have new tops, jeans, shoes, bags and the list goes on.. so hard to be a girl like me. =B 

Okay this is all we called "lust". 

Have a good day everyone! :)

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