Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hair and skin

Hi peeps.

See the picture above? What am I gonna talk about? Yes, I gonna talk about hair. I noticed that my hair became more frizzy since my house is under renovation. I guess it's because of the dust. I went to saloon last week and the hair stylist said that my hair is too frizzy. He asked me to do treatment and trim my hair a bit which cost 120bucks. Too bad, I don't have enough money. I withdrawn 50bucks only before I enter that saloon because I only wanna wash my hair you know. So yeah. I still did a basic treatment as they had a treatment promotion price which cost 48bucks. Damn you hairstylist, habis duit aku!  =/ He asked me whether I wanna blow my hair straight or curl, of course lah I choose curl cuz I look weird in a straight hair. Hihi ;p I loveeeee the curls yo, very pretty! :D I might come to that saloon again as soon as possible to do hair treatment again but I feel hard to let go my money. Huahua :P

Know what? Not only my hair's frizzy, my hand's skin also became dryyyyyy. Fyi, I have a very sensitive skin especially my hand. I'm allergy to sabun basuh pinggan and sabun basuh baju. Look at my jari manis and jari kelingking there, it's kinda hurt you know. I can't even eat using my hand. I need to used spoon. Tak nikmat okay makan guna sudu. Haih, bila lah kulit nie nak elok.

Hello, Imma bored girl today. please, help! :/


  1. ~u may use hand glove mase basuh baju...my fwenz also pnah kna mcm ni but lagi teruk...
    ~just take care eh dear :)

  2. kita punya dulu pon teruk actually. kena pedas langsung x boleh. skrg nie mcm okay sikit sebab pakai lotion. kalau duk hostel elok je lembut jari tu. kalau balik rumah mesti jadi camnie. siap boleh buat garu lagi. haha ;p thanks! :)