Thursday, 9 June 2011

Blackheads all over me nose

Hi peeps.

Do you have blackheads/whiteheads on your nose? Your're lucky if you don't! I have blackheads/whiteheads on my nose like, so banyak and it's so obvious okay! I truly hate it to the max max max. Well, that's the only problem that I have on my face area. I'm so grateful enough that I don't have a pimples problem :)  So, in order to get rid of these blackheads, I did one method yesterday with my sister. Oh, I got it from YouTube.

Tadaaaaa! See there? lol. The ingredients are as simple as A B C. You just need a toothpaste and salts. Mix them up and apply it to your face, leave it for 5minutes and then you just massage you nose and finally you can rinse it using warm water. Use toner to close the pores. It's like using a scrub wash but this one is very berangin lah since you're using toothpaste right. So yeah, you have to tahan lah. Hehe. As the result, my nose's smooth but the blackheads are still there. Too stubborn to get lost from my nose :( So the conclusion is, this method is actually not working for me. I need to try other methods. Maybe I'll be using non-toxic glue or using white egg + honey. Gonna do soon! :)

I'm looking for this products. I've googled it and now I know where to get it. I need to go to SASA as soon as possible to get them!
I knew it through Maria Elena's skin care video. 

The last method which is way easier is GO TO FACIAL SPA and let them do the rest. Lol :D


  1. Well, ada macam2 lagi cara lain nak scrub, cuba try.
    Guna garam or gula and scrub dekat muka.
    Lagu bagus kalau guna beras dengan air dia sekali. =)

  2. ohhhh beras pon boleh? btw, thank you lyna! :)