Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Take me back to the good times

Hi peeps.

What's up? I've been good so far. Boredom really driving me insane. I've been feeling so discontent these past few days. I'm out of idea of what to do living in this house. With this current surrounding, I'm feeling so uncomfortable. Seriously! I guess "patient" is the only thing that I can do right now. Hmmphh.

Last week, I met my old buddies from my high school, Lya, Fara and Tasya. One thing that I realized after meeting them is a lot has changed just in a few years. They're still good like I used to know them. I miss all the good memories I had with them. We did so much stupid things together. Haih..good times, good memories could never be replaced. I wish we can still keep in touch with each other till forever. No matter how different we are now :)

My mind is so blank right now. Till the next post. Wish for my happiness will ya? *Uhuks tetiba

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